Review From Toby Harnden – US Editor, The Daily Telegraph of London

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The only way to be able to stop a punch is to first learn how to throw one. Using his skills as an intelligence officer working for the US government for more than a decade, Brett McCrea gets under the skin of terrorist organizations, demonstrating their sinews, bones and muscles combine to produce the punch that is the car bomb in Northern Ireland or the 9/11 attacks. Continue reading


Review from Steve Emerson, Director – Investigative Project on Terrorism

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Those who wish to realize change, good or bad, can choose different weapons.  There are those who choose the pen and there are those who choose the sword.  Brett A. McCrea’s new book analyzes the latter category, focusing on how the figurative sword of terrorism is wielded. Continue reading

Review from Rob Simmons, Former US Congressman and CIA Case Officer

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Although the subject of terrorism has dominated the headlines of the American media since the tragic attacks of September 11, 2001, few if any writers have attempted to make sense of these events in a clear and concise manner until now. Continue reading

Review from Mike Jefferson, CSM (Retired) US Army Special Forces

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Having spent 19 years traveling to over 20 countries as a member of the “Green Berets,” I fully understand the threat facing this nation by Terrorist Organizations. Continue reading

Review from Lt Col Roy Stanley

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[McCrea’s] book is an excellent encapsulation of how terrorist groups operate, prioritize and focus their kinetic and non-kinetic targeting options. He also defines characteristics that will assist readers in understanding the difference between strategically capable groups and those that are more criminal. Continue reading

Introduction Video

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Please click the link below to see the author’s introduction to the book (please be patient).

Thank you for your interest in Those Who Choose the Sword.

Media Kit

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Those Who Choose the Sword: Deciphering Modern Terrorism


Brett A. McCrea


Infinity Publishing

Call 877 BUY BOOK or click here for ordering on-line


Infinity Publishing

Publication Date:

July, 2008



Number of Pages:



11 Black & White photos


5.5 x 8.5”

Bar Coded:




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